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Mitel Super Console 1000
​​Manufacturer: Mitel

The Mitel Super Console 1000 is a multi-use console for the SX-200ML, SX-200 LIGHT and SX-2000 LIGHT systems. It can be used as an attendant console, a sub-attendant position for departments or workgroups, or as a back-up answering position. The console also accesses
Hotel/Motel functions which integrate telephone features with guest room services such as room status and Automatic wake-up.

Norstar T7100 Digital Phone Nt8b25 49

Norstar T7100
​Digital Phone
Manufacturer: Nortel

Single-line digital Nortel telephone that provides users with one programmable memory button administering access to any department or person. Ideal for schools and common, public areas.

Norstar T7316 Nt8b27 25

Norstar T7316
​Digital Phone
Manufacturer: Nortel

Multi-line telephone with a two-line display allowing users the workings of a full-featured phone. Supports up to 10 Lines, and 24 programmable buttons. Cost-effective phone that runs on all Nortel systems. ​

T24 Norstar Key Indicator Mod Nt8b29aaaa Nt8b29aaab 17

Norstar T24
​Key Indicator Module
Manufacturer: Nortel

Nortel T24 is the key lamp module for the T7316E version telephone. The T-24 is compatible with CICS/MICS control units Release 6.1 and up. The Nortel T24 KIM (Key Indicator Module) provides busy lamp field and direct station select.

Avaya Ip Office 3

Avaya IP Office
Hybrid Phone System
Manufacturer: Avaya

Powerful, unified collaboration system. Supports 5 to 3,000 users. Ideal for a small business phone system with the capacity to scale up to support multiple users and branch offices.

Supported telephony devices include IP Phones, Digital Phones, Analog Phones, Soft Phones and Cordless Phones. Windows client and web-based centralized management.

Avaya 1403 Digital Telephone

Avaya 1403
​Digital Phone
Manufacturer: Avaya

The Avaya 1403 is ideal for drop-in desks, lobbies, offices, or stockrooms. Perfect for the typical everyday worker whose phone is not a crucial piece for their daily communication. You can expect reliability and top-quality from the Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone.

Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone

Avaya 1408
​Digital Phone
Manufacturer: Avaya

Avaya has announced the 1408 Phone will be a Global edition beginning is 2014. The global edition reflects the use of ICON keys. Icons are used to communicate universal features including menu, speakerphone, hold, mute, message. Suitable for users who rely on several communication forms such as voice and email. Avaya 1408 delivers a productivity-enhancing telephone for sale staff and cubicle workers.

Avaya 1416 Digital Phone

Avaya 1416
​Digital Phone
Manufacturer: Avaya

Similar to Avaya 1408, the global edition reflects the use of ICON keys. The Avaya 1416 Digital Telephone is recommended for navigator type users. People who transfer customers, answer incoming calls, and monitor several lines throughout the day. Managers, Receptionists, and Assistants are good examples. The Avaya 1416 delivers the most one-touch line, features, and speed-dial buttons without the need to scroll.​

Avaya Bm32 Button Module

Avaya BM 32
​Button Module Expansion
Manufacturer: Avaya

The Avaya BM32 Module Expansion is a great way to add 32 more buttons to the Avaya 1416 Digital Phone.
Features: 32 Button Add-on with duel LEDs, One Year Warranty​

Avaya Dbm32 Button Module Orig

Avaya DBM 32
Button Module Expansion
Manufacturer: Avaya

The Avaya DBM32 Button Module Expansion is a great way to add 32 more buttons to the Avaya 1416 Digital Phone. This button module is great for user types such as receptionists, assistants and managers.

Norstar Modular Ics

Digital Phone System
​​Manufacturer: Nortel

A Digital phone system that provides users with power and speed for business communications. Has 32 ports and supports expansion of up to 272 ports.