What Is Voice Over IP

The VOIP technology converts the sound of a person’s voice into a digital signal, which can then be transmitted over the internet. VOIP enables enterprise communications in various ways, such as VOIP phones, VOIP conferencing, and VOIP applications. Advantages of VOIP Technology Voice Over IP technology has several advantages over traditional telephone systems. Cost Savings […]

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A wires a wire a wire… Right?

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When it comes to any job you want the best man for the job! When the job is ensuring that your organization can properly and quickly connect to the outside world the wrong choice can cost you thousands in time, money and reputation. The land of low voltage is constantly shifting and is a mess […]

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What are VoIP and Hybrid Systems?

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With changing technology, business phone systems have undergone rapid changes as well. Today, VoIP and Hybrid phone systems are fast replacing traditional analog and digital phone systems. While new phone system installations have the option to ​leverage pure IP based solutions, existing businesses looking to expand their telephone infrastructure have the option to look at […]

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Cat 5e vs Cat 6: What is the Difference

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Photo by Ann H from Pexels Cat 5,5e, and 6 cables are backward compatible with Cat 3 standards and can be used for telephony, video and computer networks. The difference between Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables comes down to the performance speed and the level of crosstalk or interference occurring between different signals being […]

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