Cat 5e vs Cat 6: What is the Difference

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Photo by Ann H from Pexels

Cat 5,5e, and 6 cables are backward compatible with Cat 3 standards and can be used for telephony, video and computer networks. The difference between Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables comes down to the performance speed and the level of crosstalk or interference occurring between different signals being transmitted in the same space. The older Cat 5e cables can transmit 10/100 mbps at 100 Mhz and is the “enhanced” replacement of the Cat 5 cable making them perfect for all telecommunications and video needs. The Cat 6 cable allows for bandwidth speeds of 250 Mhz with reduced occurrence of crosstalk.

​Your specific business needs will determine the best cable for you as the faster speeds boasted by the Cat 6 can be more than what is required by your business. During your consultation with TPC we will go over your specific needs and decide together what cable is best for you.