What Is The History of Telecommunications?

Telecommunications is a very important industry that ensures people are able to connect and communicate with others located all over the globe. While it is easy to take communication services for granted today, the sector has evolved and developed significantly since it was started more than 200 years ago. For those wondering what is the history of telecommunications, there are various forms of innovation that have taken place to get us to where we are today.

First Advancements in Technology

Communication has been a vital part of human society for a long time. However, historically, you were not able to communicate with people that were out of sight or range of your voice. This changed in the late 1700s when engineers and inventors in France created a unique telegraphy system that opened up regular communication lines between various cities in Europe. This then quickly turned into the new telegraph system, which was adopted in the United States and other countries across the globe. By the early 1900s, telegraph lines were placed across both oceans, which allowed for international communication.

Telephone Systems

One of the most significant advancements in this field came in the 1870s when the telephone was introduced. Within a decade, the telephone was rolled out across the United States and even allowed connections to parts of Europe. By the end of the century, various corporations popped up which provided this service and invested in the continued expansion and improvement of technology.

Coaxial Cable

Another advancement that has allowed for the quick transmission of messages is using coaxial cables. These cable lines proved very valuable during the 1940s as they provided an efficient way to communicate during times of war.

Satellite Technology

One of the most significant changes to the communications industry came with satellite technology. This technology started in the late 1950s when the Soviet Union launched its first satellite into orbit. Within 20 years, satellites were common and used for a variety of communication and military purposes. They were also necessary to help aid the growth of mobile cell phones, which grew in popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. By the turn of the 21st century, cell phone usage was common with people all over the globe.

The Internet

While the Internet has been around in some capacity for a long time, its usage did not become mainstream until the 1990s when computers were connected to phone lines. There are now a variety of ways to communicate using the Internet, including WiFi and wireless cellular technology, which can keep you connected from anywhere.

There have clearly been many advancements in the industry. For those wondering how has telecommunications changed the world, industry and technology have improved it in various ways. This includes ensuring that people are able to communicate with ease, receive regular updates about the world around them, and even complete daily tasks with an efficiency that did not exist in the past.