What Are The Best Features To Look For In A Video Surveillance System?

There are so many options for video surveillance systems, it can be difficult to determine which one is right for you. But with a little research and advice, it is possible to find the best system for your needs and budget. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for the best home or business security camera: 

Motion Detection 

This is an important feature that allows you to monitor your property when it is empty. It can help you catch burglars in the act and prevent theft. A camera with this feature will automatically start recording whenever a movement is detected in its field of view. Motion detection can also be customized to narrow the area of detection and set its sensitivity. This can help to cut down on false alarms and improve the battery life of your camera by only recording when an event is occurring. 

Night Vision 

This is a great feature for any security camera, and it helps to make sure that you can see who is on your property even during the darkest of nights. Most smart cameras have this feature, and it is easy to adjust the sensitivity of the camera’s night vision. 


High-resolution video is essential for capturing detailed images of the events you want to monitor. This can make it easier for police to identify people in the footage and make arrests quickly. It is also useful for identifying small details in video that might otherwise be hard to spot. For example, license plates or tattoos on someone’s face could be identified from a high-resolution video. 

Video Storage 

Choosing the right video storage for your video surveillance system is crucial. You need a system that can store hours of video for easy review, and one that offers smart search options that let you locate specific clips without having to sort through hundreds of hours of raw footage. 

You can choose to record video locally using a DVR or NVR, or you can use a cloud-based video storage service like Amazon Web Services. If you are looking to store large amounts of video, you’ll want to choose a local recording option that has a lot of storage space (at least 4TB). 

Network Security 

Another important part of any home or business video surveillance system is network security. This is a way to protect your video system from malware and other threats that may affect the performance of your video monitoring and alarm. When you install a video surveillance system, it is important to consider the security features of the router that your cameras are connected to. The router can be vulnerable to hacking attacks that can damage your cameras and cause them to stop working. To protect your network, consider installing a VPN router, firewall or other type of device that is designed to keep out threats and protect the data that you’re streaming from your cameras. 

Two-Way Audio 

Most modern security cameras come with built-in speakers and microphones so you can talk directly to whoever the camera is watching. This makes it much easier to communicate with someone who is on your property, like a delivery person. This is particularly useful if you are away from your home and want to know when the doorbell rings or the mailman stops by. 

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