What Are The Benefits Of VoIP Phones?

VoIP is an exciting and revolutionary technology that offers many benefits to businesses. VoIP systems allow businesses to scale easily and adapt to changing demands. This is why many businesses choose to switch from a traditional landline system to VoIP. 


The cost of VoIP phones is largely dependent on the provider you choose and how many lines you have. It is also influenced by your business size and the features you need, but in general, small businesses can expect to pay $10 to $40 per user, per month for a VoIP system. Unlike traditional PBX telephony, which requires servers, wiring and desk phones, VoIP only uses the internet to deliver phone system functionality. This means that you can scale your system up or down to accommodate changing needs without having to re-purchase hardware. Be sure to do your research and allot your company’s resources wisely when deciding on a new technology solution for your business. 


A big part of the convenience of VoIP is that it eliminates the cost of traditional phone lines and wires, which can be a huge expense for some businesses. For example, if a company distributes customer service representatives to several different locations and needs one number, it can cut their phone bill in half when switching to VoIP. Moreover, most VoIP phones now feature touchscreen displays, which make them easier to navigate and use. Some even support Bluetooth, which enables wireless communication between devices. 


If your employees travel frequently or work remotely, VoIP is a great way to keep them connected. This is especially helpful if your business has clients or customers in different parts of the world. With a VoIP phone, employees can access their work calls from any device, including smartphones. This enables them to keep in touch with colleagues and clients no matter where they are or what time it is. 

Call Quality 

A poor voice quality on your phone can impact communication with clients and partners, as well as give your business a bad reputation. You can improve the quality of your VoIP calls by implementing voice traffic Quality-of-Service (QoS). This can be done without any technical expertise, as routers and switches have QoS features that allow you to prioritize your voice data packets over other traffic types. 

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